How Hypnotism Helped My Social Anxiety

Okay, so you are probably thinking I’m crazy. Honestly, when I was sitting in my hypnotherapist’s office, I thought I was crazy. My mother, who had used hypnotherapy before, had suggested I go after my anxiety started to worsen. I was at my wits end with my anxiety. I started having panic attacks before tests at school, I couldn’t speak to anyone on the phone, and I could barely make conversation with people I didn’t know. I was becoming someone I didn’t recognize and my stress levels were through the roof. After having a terrible panic attack in the middle of class, I decided to take my mother’s advice and at least talk to her hypnotist.

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I Didn’t Go Back To College (And I’m Loving Life)

As a 21 year old, I often get asked where I go to College. I could be anywhere and without fail this question always seems to slip out of people’s mouths without even realizing it. The question usually prompts the story of why I am not in College in which said person will ask if I’m going to go back. When I say ‘no’, nine times out of ten I get disapproving looks and remarks. I’m not sure when this stigma behind not going back to College started, but it is time to squash it. Im proud to say I didn’t go back to College and I am loving my adult life! Continue reading I Didn’t Go Back To College (And I’m Loving Life)

Joanna Gaines Inspired Decor You Can Get For Under $20

Everywhere time I go to Target and look at the Magnolia collection, I stare longingly at the decor and then sadly walk away empty handed. As much as I love the collection, I just cant justify spending over $20 on vases and baskets. As I’ve said in other posts, I recommend going to local antique stores and architectural salvages for cool and unique find, but there are places you can find Joanna Gaines inspired decor for under $20!

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