Joanna Gaines Inspired Decor You Can Get For Under $20

Everywhere time I go to Target and look at the Magnolia collection, I stare longingly at the decor and then sadly walk away empty handed. As much as I love the collection, I just cant justify spending over $20 on vases and baskets. As I’ve said in other posts, I recommend going to local antique stores and architectural salvages for cool and unique find, but there are places you can find Joanna Gaines inspired decor for under $20!


Gray Braided Decorative Throw Pillow – $12


I’m a huge advocate for Big Lots! They always have such cool decor pieces here and it is always reasonably priced! One of my favorite finds from Big Lots are the gray braided decorative throw pillows! At $12 each they are a great find and a lot cheaper here than at Target!


Farmhouse Retro Vintage Tin Bar Sign – $11.95


If you watch Fixer Upper you know the house isn’t complete without a rustic sign displayed somewhere. This cute little country bar sign is from Walmart and believe it or not Walmart (online) has some amazing Farmhouse inspired decor!



Wire Cage Pendant Lamp – $5


Joanna Gaines is known for her unique light fixture choices and I believe she would approve of this wire cage pendant lamp. Fortunately for us, this pendant lamp is only $5 at Five Below! I’m always weary about places like Dollar Tree and Five Below, but a deal like this is too hard to pass up!



Galvanized Metal Basket with Compartments – $9.99 (On Sale!)


Joanna Gaines would snatch this cute basket up in a heartbeat! Hobby Lobby is having a sale on all of their metal decor online and this is now on sale for $9.99!



Lemon Beauty Wreath – $9.99


It is very rare that Joanna Gaines leaves a front door un-wreathed. The lemon beauty wreath comes from Hobby Lobby and is on sale online for $9.99. Good cheap wreaths are hard to come by!



Stonebriar Rustic Farmhouse Metal Pitcher – $10.19


I don’t know why you need this. I don’t know what you would use it for. All I know is Joanna Gaines would want you to have it.



Antiqued Ceramic Decorative Bucket – $16.99


If Joanna Gaines bought this she would surely fill the bucket to the brim with flowers! I love the stenciled illustration and the character of this bucket! It is only $16.99 at Target!


There are affordable ways to make your house look like a Joanna Gaines fixer upper! Most of these stores have a plethora of Farmhouse decor for under $20 that can be shipped right to your door, as this is just a short list of my favorite decor pieces. Be sure to branch out and visit your local antique stores for more Joanna Gaines inspired finds! The best kind of decor is unique and tells a story!


If you are interested in more Joanna Gaines inspired posts, let me know and leave me a comment or a like!



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