Episode 01: Getting the Headache House

Head·ache House


• A building for human habitation that causes a continuous pain in the head.


We were incredibly lucky to get stuck with a headache house instead of a wallet-ache house. Our house is considered an “ugly house”. Its very spacious and it’s a house that looks great on paper but in person it falls flat. The driveway has cracks in it that grass has started to protrude from, part of the wood under the roof is exposed to the many Virginia elements and there are small oak trees growing from the gutters but the house has “good bones”.

We had an inspector come out to look at the house and quite honestly we thought he would condemn the house right then and there. To our surprise, the house was in pretty good shape. It just needed some repairs (nothing my handy-man boyfriend couldn’t fix) and some a lot of  TLC.

I figured I would post some of the pictures of this house for you all to see. Although the house looks bad, remember, structurally this house is sound!


I had a lot of concerns over the back part of the roof. According to the inspectors and the contractors who came to look at the roof, the back roof was sound and didn’t need to be replaced. The face boards were the only thing that needed to be replaced on the backside!


The bathroom had minor water damage, but again, nothing too major! I think this bathroom gets the award for being the ugliest room in the house!



Strange color choices are everywhere in this house. A couple coats of paint covered all of this up! All the doors needed to be replaced in this house. They were either turned backwards or had holes in them!



The great plus about this house is the yard! It has a great big front yard that is hard to come by in our neck of the woods. With a little grooming and landscaping the yard will look great in no time!



If you would like to see/read more about the “headache house” leave me a comment and let me know!


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